Thursday, Jun. 27, 2019

Site Updates: October 4th

By Adrian Buncuga

Introducing Vimeo support!!

We are very excited to announce that our article video support now includes high-definition video from Vimeo! To upload a Vimeo video, just paste in...

New social media buttons in masthead (customizable in Social Integration settings)

Site Updates: August 8th

By Adrian Buncuga

New social media buttons

Publishers of Public newsletters can now add up to four new social media buttons to their masthead banner space.

Each of these buttons provides a direct link to a social media account page from the following sites: Pinterest, Flickr, Google+ and YouTube.

To set these up, go...

Social integration: Twitter "Follow" Button

June 28th Release

By tamara Lapinskas

Social Integration

The Kontribune page header now contains three Social Media buttons: Facebook “Like”, Twitter “Follow”, and LinkedIn “Follow”. As long as the relevant accounts have been linked by the Publisher, these buttons...


Tips for making a good advertising campaign

By tamara Lapinskas

Advertisement is vital in product promotion or general communication, which is why there is an ad option on Kontribune. Are you trying to make a good 300x250 ad and feeling stuck? Here are some tips to help you...


Kontribune for Real Estate

By Kevin Vondemkamp

Hi everyone!  The last article I published on sales activity received several interesting and positive comments regarding our Kontribune engagement solution.  We all know the ABH Bridge as our “internal” engagement...


What's New

Kontribune Acquired by Aussie Company

On October 1, 2012, Kontribune was acquired by Appen Butler Hill, a leading provider of global linguistics services and products. Kontribune becomes part of ABH's new social media division, Social Instinct. In addition to continuing to provide Kontribune, Social Instinct will expand to provide content moderation and curation services to Brands,...

Hurricane Thursday Storms San Fran Beer Fest
Techsoup Chooses Kontribune

Tips & Tricks

The ultimate work goal.

Break the engagement!

Are you married or engaged to your desk?

If you’re on the fast track to eloping with your plush swivel chair and desk, take a moment to consider what you’re doing. Would your boss...

Social Media Strategy: Creating A Social Media Policy
Love At First Site

Our Kontributors

The Sales Zone Launches Kontribune Site: "The Pipeline"

The Sales Zone, a professional sales and marketing recruiting firm based in the Eastern United States, has launched a Kontribune site called The PipelineThe Pipeline  ...

Salsa Labs Unleashes New Advocacy Site on Kontribune
Rafferty's Garden Uses Kontribune to Engage Moms


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